David J. Byrne, PTA

About David:

Introducing David J. Byrne, a Physical Therapist Assistant who also plays a vital role in Business Development, Marketing. With 23 years of experience, David brings a wealth of expertise to his multifaceted position. David also is the Behavioral communications instructor for our mental health division, and a strength and conditioning clinician through Bigger Faster Stronger and United States Weightlifting Federation

David’s impressive 11 years at Ozark Healthcare reflect his dedication to the organization’s growth and success. As an experienced practitioner, David offers a unique service: Professional Total Body Stretching employing PNF techniques. His approach to patient care is rooted in personalization, tailoring each plan to individual needs and goals for the most effective and personalized outcomes.

Beyond his professional commitments, David’s interests reflect his dynamic personality. Golf, real estate ventures, and weight training are among his favorite pursuits, highlighting his diverse and active lifestyle.

David J. Byrne’s dedication to enhancing patient care, coupled with his contributions to Ozark Healthcare’s development, make him an invaluable asset. His commitment to both professional and personal growth exemplifies his dedication to excellence.

David Byrne

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