Charles Robertson

About Chuck:

Meet Charles Robertson, a skilled Home Health Physical Therapy Assistant at Ozark Healthcare. With a background in physical therapy and 23 years of experience, Charles specializes in assisting patients within their home environments. Having devoted 3 years to Ozark Healthcare, Charles’ clinical interests focus on addressing balance and ambulation deficits, critical aspects of maintaining independence and mobility.

In his role, Charles offers essential services and treatments, emphasizing functional mobility enhancement tailored to in-home settings. His dedication to patient care is underscored by his professional philosophy – aiming to restore his patients’ functional mobility to as close to normal as possible.

Outside of the office, Charles finds joy in family time and indulging in his favorite hobbies: golf and fishing. His caring approach extends from his work to his personal life, aligning with his commitment to improving the lives of those he serves.

Charles Robertson

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