Michael Blubaugh MS PT, LMT

About Michael:

Meet Michael Blubaugh, an accomplished Clinical Manager at Ozark Healthcare. With a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy and an impressive 30 years of experience, Michael is a true expert in his field. In his 1 year at Ozark Healthcare, Michael has brought his vast knowledge and skills to the role of Clinical Manager. His specializations include Manual Therapy, Medical Massage, Neuro-activation, Kinesiology Taping, Lymphatic Therapies, Performance and Personal Training, Spinal Rehabilitation, and Athletic Injury management.

Michael’s clinical interests are focused on re-programming the nervous system using an array of techniques, including manual therapy, kinesiology taping, and therapeutic exercises. He is dedicated to eliminating pain and enhancing function and performance for his patients. The services and treatments Michael offers are extensive, encompassing manual therapy, medically based massage therapy, kinesiology taping, cupping, ASTYM, and Lymphatic Therapy. His notable achievements include authoring books on clinical techniques and being a nationally recognized speaker with over 600 seminars.

Outside of his professional life, Michael enjoys an array of hobbies, from ballroom dancing and travel to cooking, playing the guitar, and sailing. His diverse interests reflect his vibrant and dynamic approach to both his work and personal life.


Michael Blubaugh

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