Gym Floor Rules

Minimum age requirement is 14 years old. Younger ages are permitted to use ONLY the CARDIO equipment with strict adult supervision at all times. Our younger guests are expected to follow the general rules of the gym floor. 


Proper workout attire should be worn at all times. NO jeans, NO open toed shoes, flip flops, crocs, or sandals.


Always ask. Don’t steal equipment or weights. Ask to “work in”


RE-RACK your weight! Your mother doesn’t  doesn’t work here. 


Keep equipment where it belongs, don’t block other equipment from use. If you must drop or slam your weights, IT BETTER BE HEAVY! Please don’t break our stuff! We will bill you. Dumbbells are expensive. 


Sanitize. Clean up after yourself! 


Be mindful of your surroundings. USE LOCKERS OR CUBBIES! Please don’t put your belongings in employee areas. 


SELFIES. We LOVE them, we are proud of you too. HOWEVER… keep your clothes on! & don’t infringe on the gym experience of other members. 


Personal space, RESPECT IT. Don’t stalk or hover around equipment, or crowd other members. It’s rude, & a safety hazard.




No food or drink on the gym floor, with the exception of bottles or sealed containers. 


Have fun and socialize, but the gym is a place of solace for many! If your texts are higher than your reps, please use the lobby.


ONLY OZARK WELLNESS TRAINING STAFF are allowed to utilize Ozark Wellness facilities for their service. Our definition of personal training is any behavior perceived as one-on-one coaching or fitness training, and/or counseling being provided by someone other than an Ozark Wellness employee. This is for your safety and protection. Membership privileges will be suspended or terminated if this policy is not adhered to. 


Or give us a call for more information