Tammy J Lindsay, MD

About Tammy:

Introducing Dr. Tammy Lindsay, a dedicated physician at Ozark Total Healthcare. Dr. Lindsay brings a wealth of experience to her role, boasting 29 years of experience in Family Medicine specialty, and 15 in Acupuncture. Dr. Lindsay’s clinical interests and focus areas revolve around holistic and integrative medicine. Her comprehensive range of services includes full scope outpatient care for both acute and chronic conditions. In addition, she offers acupuncture, infusion services, and office procedures.

Dr. Lindsay’s professional philosophy is centered on caring for the whole patient, recognizing that this approach ultimately allows the community to thrive. Her dedication to holistic and integrative medicine exemplifies her commitment to well-rounded patient care.

Outside of the clinic, Dr. Lindsay enjoys the great outdoors through activities like hiking. She values quality time spent with family and friends, finds solace in reading, and places a strong emphasis on personal growth.

Tammy Lindsay